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Former CIA agent, Arthur Huff is known for his skills and leadership on the field while being the perfect family man. At least that's the surface. Inside the mind of the CIA legend, we view dark agendas of revenge and terrorism. Once assigned to pursue his rogue CIA partner, Nigel Goodman, Huff discovers that Goodman is a triple spy, working for Russia and Egypt. After leading a team, Huff is successful in bringing down the terrorist. Nightmares are put to rest, families are united and the country is safe. Or is it?

After Goodman's death, reports of kidnappings emerge from the quite, suburban neighborhood of Arthur Huff. A recent kidnapping of a FBI agent draws Detective Jordan Long into investigation. Long, recovering from the trauma of his daughter's death, fights for the little sanity he has, being a cop. He is assigned as an undercover, hoping to find the answers to the kidnappings but stumbles across something more sinister - Arthur Huff. The retired CIA agent seems all but normal and is revealed to be the real threat.


On Set

Our Cast

Julian Jay Burton

as Detective Jordan Long
Writer, Producer, Director

Tom Hagale

as Arthur Huff

Bernadette Chapman

as Teresa Huff

Nayeon Kim

as Kaiyo Long




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  • A former CIA agent goes rogue and leaves death and destruction in his wake. A detective must stop at nothing to end the madness. From writing to casting to directing to acting, Julian Jay Burton spent the last six years of his life working on a project set to premiere at the Princess Theatre on Saturday. “We finally got the dang thing done, thank goodness. It’s exciting to finally see it on a big screen,” Burton said while watching his first feature-length film during a test run at the Princess on Tuesday. “It is exactly what I envisioned all those years ago.” “Dormant,” a suspense-thriller more Hitchcockian than blood, guts and gore, will debut at the historic downtown Decatur theater at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $10 and are available at

    Decatur Daily - April 19, 2018 Read more
  • A former CIA agent goes rogue and leaves death and destruction in his wake. A detective must stop at nothing to end the madness. This is the plot for “Dormant,” an action-suspense movie shot and produced by local artists. Julian Jay Burton, a Harvest-based filmmaker, wrote, produced and stars in the film. He spoke with The News Courier this week about the movie and the artists featured on the Burton describes “Dormant” as a gritty, dark thriller. He plays detective Jordan Long, the officer tasked with tracking down Arthur Huff after he goes on crime spree. The story is a prequel to “Bermuda City” a series of graphic novels and Web shows Burton's company also produces. Burton said one of the driving forces to produce “Dormant” was to introduce the characters of “Bermuda City” and the world they live in. Other than that, the director said his inspiration comes from action films like “Face/Off.”

    The News Courier - March 10, 2016 Read more
  • Following superheroes' Hollywood approach, Harvest writer making
    feature film to promote Red Crow Comics

    MADISON – For his full-length feature film, Dormant, local do-it-all talent Jay Burton recently shot scenes in Madison over Memorial Day weekend with the cooperation of HEMSI and other authorities from the Madison area. Under Burton’s film company, Bermuda Image, LLC, Dormant functions as a prequel to “Bermuda City”, which is a series of short films that exists on Youtube and is coming out soon as comic book under his label, Red Crow Comics.

    The Madison Record - June 15, 2015 Read more
  • As a person who dabbles in the world of shoestring budget filmmaking (I’m just kidding, we had to lose the shoestring - too expensive), I find it fascinating when someone takes their vision and turns it into film (umbrella term that also encompasses digital because no good word has been invented yet). So in this episode, the Gal About Town (moi) will take a look at local writer, acting coach, and filmmaker, Jay Burton and his (still in production) feature length (meaning actual movie length) film, “Dormant.”

    The Valley Planet - May 14, 2015 Read more
  • Scenes from the Hartselle area can be seen in “Dormant,” a new film written, directed and produced by Julian “Jay” Burton of Harvest. The suspense thriller has one scene of a motorcycle rider on Red Bank Road in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Other scenes were made inside and outside of the home of Jose Cortez in Hartselle. Cortez has an acting role in the film. Three of its other actors live in Huntsville.

    The Hartselle Enquirer - March 25, 2015 Read more
  • Following superheroes' Hollywood approach, Harvest writer making
    feature film to promote Red Crow Comics

    ulian Jay Burton has a lot patience. Or maybe as writer, director, actor and producer of the feature film "Dormant," he has a lot on his mind and relishes the lengthy film shots from different angles that portray him motionless in deep meditation. "You have more locations, more responsibilities, more details, more work in general," Burton said after the long shoot. The payoff for all the extra work could be double if it goes according to plan.

    The Huntsville Times - December 30, 2014 Read more

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